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Entry Fee: $5. Enter as part of Open Arts and Crafts

Open to anyone - wool does not need to be from your own rabbit, but exhibitor must have spun the entire skein. All blended skeins must be at least 50% or more Angora.

Entry Guidelines:

All entries must be at least 50% Angora. If other fiber is used it may be handspun, or commercial yarn. Novelty and household items may be less than

50% Angora.

Entries must include description of item. Description should include name of article, approximate percentages of Angora, other fiber, technique used hand or machine knit, crochet, woven, etc. If an item is made by more than one person, entry should be in all exhibitors’ names.

Entry Classes

Classes are as follows:

A. 100% Angora-white or natural color

___ 1. singles, fine and even as possible

___ 2. two-ply, fine, medium and even as possible

___ 3. other ply or novelty

B. 100% Angora-Dyed

___ 1. single or two-ply; fine, medium, or bulky

___ 2. other ply or novelty

C. Angora Blends-Natural or Dyed

___1. single or two ply

___2. other ply or novelty

D. Angora plied with other fiber (may use commercial yarn) ___1. two

or more ply ___2. Go Wild!

E. Novice Spinner-spinning 1 year or less, or under 16 years of age.

Anything goes!!

F. Large Wearable (sweater, vest, shawl, etc.)

__1. 100% Angora

__2. Combination of Angora and other fiber

G. Small Wearable (mittens, scarf, hat, collar, etc.)

__1. 100% Angora

__2. Combination of Angora and other fiber

H. Baby/children’s article

I. Hand-woven wearable

J. Felted wearable

K. Novelty or household items (toys, crafts, doll clothes, wall

hanging, afghan, and pillow)


Wool Contest Rules-

1. Weight of wool should be at least 1 oz.

2.  Points are given for clean, neat presentation.

Classes are as follows:

L. English

__1. plucked

__2. clipped

M. French

__1. plucked

__2. clipped

N. Satin

__1. plucked

__2. clipped

O. Giant

__1. plucked

__2. Clipped

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