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General Rules

1. This show will be governed by the current show rules developed by Mid-Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows (MARCS). The filing of an entry form indicates the acceptance of these rules and all additional rules listed below.

2. ALL times listed in this catalog are Eastern Daylight Time.

Any emergency or problem not covered by these rules will be referred to the MARCS Convention Committee. The MARCS Convention Committee decision will be final.

3. By entering the show the exhibitors gives MARCS the right to use the videos for youth educational contests.

4. This is not an official ARBA show. Animals entered in the exhibition will not qualify for legs.



1. The MARCS will provide a Best of Breed and Best Opposite Sex of Breed award for each recognized breed in the ARBA Standard of Perfection, both open and youth by mail.

2, MARCS will provide official ribbons for the first five places in each class. These awards will be available in the exhibitor  packet mailed to the exhibitor. 

Specialty club premium information received in time for publication has been published in this catalog. A list of winners will be furnished to each specialty club. Each specialty club is responsible for its own payback, specials and awards. Mid-Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows believes all specials/awards to be offered in good faith. We accept no responsibility for payment or delivery of same.




1. Open/Youth Rabbit/Cavy/Commercial/Presentation Classes: $10.00 per entry

2. All entry fees are non-refundable once accepted. All entry fees will be in U.S. Funds


1. Online Entries: September 19, 2020 to September 25, 2020

2. A valid Visa or Mastercard must be used for online entries.

3. Online entries are self-confirming with a confirmation number issued upon completion of entry. No additional confirmation will be sent.

4. Any changes must be made online, and any questions must go through the online help desk. All fees including declined card fees or chargeback fees must be paid at the time of entry.


1. Entries must be a continuous video uploaded through the ShowPro system between Monday September 28 through Wednesday October 7.

2. The exhibitor card, which will be available once entries open, must be in view at all times by either printing the card or having it on a phone. Here is a video example: 

3. Video length suggestions will also be released at entry time.

4. Dark colored rabbits must be videoed on a white background with white underneath the animal. White-based animals should be videoed on a black background. Broken or other marked rabbits may be videoed on a gray background. 

5. Running breeds should move naturally. Complete instructions on how to shoot the video can be found at 

6. Nothing identifiable can be in the video. This includes tattoos, jewelry and anything on an individual that may be able to identify them to a judge. Judges will be asked to NP any animal where there are identifying objects in the video.

7. Adults may help with youth videos

8. Not following these rules will result in your animal receiving a NP.

Non-Recognized Breeds/Varieties:

Any non-recognized animals must be paid for at the regular entry rate.



1. Judging will be completed throughout the week of October 10, 2020

2. On Sunday, October 18, 2020, open and youth best of breed presentation videos will be uploaded for results.

3. Mid-Atlantic Rabbit & Cavy Shows reserves the right to substitute, remove or add judges, as deemed necessary.

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